I am a Canadian Wedding and Connection photographer who lives in Calgary Alberta, Canada, serving Calgary, Canmore, Banff & Lake Louise Alberta, Canada. I specialize in capturing imagery for Weddings, Elopements and Engagements. I also love destination weddings and travel worldwide to work with clients.

hi there. I'm jenna, thank you so much for coming.

ill tell you a bit about me and what brought me here taking photographs of people in nature on their wedding day and why i love this work so much. why its so close to my heart.

i am a mother of 4 beautiful children, believe that this universe is vast and incredible, governed by magic, amazing moments and a god that surrounds us with love. a partner to one amazing man, we share our travels and love for one another all over the world wherever we go together and come home to live with our family in both calgary alberta and the canadian rocky mountains of canmore alberta canada.

i started my life of creative work in the electronic music industry producing and pressing vinyl with various dj's as a vocalist and writer. music is very close to my heart and will forever be my love. moving into more a more visual expression of my art in my mid-twenties, i became a stylist in my home city of toronto canada and moved here to alberta with an amazing fashion company and after doing that work for many years, i i then felt inspired to create something different through my art. that is when i picked up a camera 3 years ago and started to chase light and landscape with couples in love, in the canadian rockies. i was the director of a helicopter company for a period of time and we shot a lot in the back country and traveled alberta and british columbia canada creating new projects and creating new experiences for our adventurous clients and company. 

i started shooting people by going along to a wedding. i instantly fell in love. not only now do i get to be outside in nature, but oh my goodness look at these people in the landscape. the two things that light me up, nature and human connection,  now i can experience those things together... and take a picture of those moments. the most gratifying part is i get to show them to my clients afterwards and make them happy. so many amazing things out of one experience. and that was it. this became my life. the most incredible thing i get to do that never feels like work and absolutely makes me feel gracious every second i am in it. your wedding. your connection.

people are amazing, changing, feeling and full of emotion. being able to capture part of who each of you are for a day or two makes me feel blessed. taking photographs of the most important days of your life, that maybe helps to create memories that last for a lifetime. that is precious.

weddings are a celebration of love and joy, finding the person to share the rest of our time here with, the person who gets us. i want to photograph that because that is beautiful, real and to me what life is really all about. the love we share with each other.

i hope to hear from you, say hello! so you can tell me your love story and we can create something amazing together.